Slutet för Windows XP och Internet Explorer 8

04 Feb 2015, by admin i Ny teknik

Microsoft slutar släppa uppdateringar till XP/Internet Explorer 8.


Läs klargörandet från Microsoft:

Why is this happening?

Windows XP is 12 years old—that’s pretty old for an operating system.

In the past 12 years you’ve probably gotten a new phone, maybe a new TV, and possibly even a new car. Maybe it’s time for a new PC too, so you can make sure you have more memory and storage, faster processing speeds, and a higher-quality display (some even come with touch). And they’re less expensive than you might think.

We support our older operating systems much longer than most other businesses in this industry, but we can’t keep supporting old operating systems and still move forward creating new and better products. We’ve been supporting Windows XP for the past 12 years—that’s longer than we’ve supported any other operating system in our history and already two years longer than the standard ten years of support we normally provide. It’s time for us to look ahead so we can create better products and services for you and all our customers.


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